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Admission for enrollment with supplementary examination (German and/or other subjects)

The immediate registration to the regular study program at Academic Affairs is not possible.

The University is offering the possibility to accomplish the supplementary examination at the University Preparation Programms Graz (VGUH-Vorstudienlehrgang der Grazer Universitäten und Hochschulen). Until the completion of supplementary examinations, the applicant has the status of a provisional (irregular) student.

The University Preparation Programms Graz (VGUH) is an autonomous institution which is working in cooperation with the University of Graz as well as with other universities in Graz. The VGUH offers German courses and other supplementary examinations for gaining equivalence with the Austrian school leaving certificate (Matura).

To gain the required C1 German language level, a total of 4 semesters will be approved. With additional subjects, a total of 5 semesters will be approved to pass the supplementary examinations.


More information as well as the contact data of the VGUH can be found here.

Please contact the VGUH directly for answers regarding course structure and course registration. The University of Graz does not have detailed information about the courses themselves.


Registration for courses at the VGUH

The Registration for courses offered by the VGUH is only possible with a valid admission letter for a regular study programme at the University.

For an Admission, the admission requirements have to be fulfilled. More information about the needed documents can be found by using our Admission Guide.


For students who already have the required knowledge for the supplementary examinations it is possible to only take the exams at the VGUH.

If you need to participate in the preparatory courses offered by the VGUH you have to be registerd as irregular student at the university. To do so, you have to take the following steps:

1. online pre-registration at the VGUH

2. personal Registration at the VGUH with your admission letter and passport

3. payment of the course fees of the VGUH

4. 3-5 days after the payment the data sheet (Stammdatenblatt) has to be picked up personally at the VGUH

5. personal enrollment at the University of Graz as irregular studnet with your admission letter and the data sheet (Stammdatenblatt)

6. payment of the student's union fee (ÖH fee)

7. provide the VGUH with the study confirmation of the University (available 3-5 days after paying the ÖH fee at your student's account at UNIGRAZonline)


You have to hand in the data sheet (Stammdatenblatt) each semester personally at the Academic Affairs Office within the registration deadline. If you do not hand in the data sheet, you cannot be registered as irregular Student and thus cannot participate at the VGUH.



Academic Affairs
Universitätsplatz 3a 8010 Graz - Austria
International Students Unit Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 1162 or 2192
Mobile:Availability by phone: Please understand that during opening hours, the availability by phone of our unit is limited. You are welcome to send inquiries per email to


Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 am - 12 pm
Wednesday 2 pm - 4 pm
(Wednesdays is closed during semester breaks and days when courses and exams are not being held)

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