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Qualification Statement (equals the evidence of admission)

What is the qualification statement?

The qualification statement is a special entrance qualification. It confirms that the subject-specific admission requirements including those for the right to direct admission to the intended studies are fulfilled at a university of the country the general university entrance qualification was obtained.

A template is available here!

We accept the template if it is filled out and stamped by an university and if it is legalized according to the regulations of the country issuing all other original documents!

More information about the form of legalization is available here.

(In countries where original documents must be legalized, we recommend to solely use this document as a template.)


Who needs to submit the qualification statement?

All applicants who do not possess the citizenship of a member state of the EU/EEA or have a status equivalency.


Who is issuing the qualification statement?

The qualification statement needs to be issued from a recognized/ accredited university from the country where the general university entrance qualification was received. It has to be issued by the institution/office responsible for admission to the university. The statement needs to be signed and stamped with the official university's seal/stamp.

We only accept the qualification statement if the University itself offers the study programme for which the document is issued.

for bachelor- or diploma programmes: issued by an university in which the secundary school leaving certficate or a bachelor's degree of at least 3 years was obtained

for master's programmes: issued by an university in which the bachelor's degree or diploma degree was obtained

for doctorate programmes:  issued by an university in which the master's degree or diploma degree was obtained

We do not accept a qualification statement that is for example issued by the Ministry of Education.


Which information must be indicated in the qualification statement?

The evidence of special university entrance qualification must contain the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Exact name of the intended study programme (the faculty/ Department alone is not sufficient)
  • Confirmation that you fulfill all subject-specific admission requirements (f.e. positive participation in an entrance examination) and can register for the intended study programme as well as semester/ academic year (the actual enrollment is not necessary!)
  • Regular full-time program
  • Date of issue of the confirmation



How long is the qualification statement valid?

The statement is only valid for the semester/ academic year which is indicated in the confirmation. Moreover, we do only accept confirmations which were issued near-term.


Who is exempted from the qualification statement?

The following applicants do not need to submit the qualification statement:

  • Citizen of a member state of the EU/ EEA
  • Applicants with equal admission status as Austrian citizen:
  • Persons who have had their main living interests in Austria for at least five continuous years immediately  before applying for admission, or who have at least one person legally responsible for the applicant's alimony, for whom this applies. The equal status has to be verified by handing in an social insurance data sheet confirming that the affected person has been working in Austria for more than 5 consecutive years. A self-insurance cannot be considered for the equal status.
  • Persons with secondary school leaving certificates of Austrian International Schools;
  • Conventional refugees




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