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Q: I need written confirmation of my periods of university study for my Pension Fund.  Where do I get it?
A: If you need confirmation of your periods of study at the University of Graz, please send an e-mail to studienzeit(at)uni-graz.at. Please click here in order to find out what information we need to issue written confirmation.
Q: Where do I get written confirmation?

A: You can print out your records of study (Studienblatt) and confirmation of registration (Inskriptionsbestätigung) on UNIGRAZonline via your student business card, menu item "Registration documents".

The Studienerfolgsnachweis as well as the Transcript of Records (including transfer credits) are printable via your student business card, menu item "Transcripts".

Q: Where do I get my application for Graz Regional Transport (Verkehrsverbund GVB)?

A: Go to the menu item "Registration documents" on your student business card on UNIGRAZonline and print out the application form for Graz Regional Transport (Verkehrsverbund GVB) after registering for the current semester (=after payment of the tuition fee + Austrian student union fee). University of Graz does not need to confirm the application form, but you have to present a valid confirmation of registration. Please note that international students do not have this option.

Q: Why haven’t I received a payment form? Where do I find the bank details to pay my tuition fees?

A: For more details relating to payments, please go to UNIGRAZonline and consult the item “Tuition fee” on your student business card. When making your payment, please use the payment reference stated there.
Q: Where do I get information about my tuition fee and how do I pay it and the Austrian student union fee correctly?
A: Click on the “Tuition fee” button on your student business card on UNIGRAZonline. For more details, please see Infoblatt (online info).
Q: I’ve lost my UNIGRAZCard / it has been stolen. How do I get a new UNIGRAZCard?
A: If you lose your Student ID card/typo3/ or it is stolen, you can apply for a new one. Please click here in order to find out what information we need to issue a new student card.

Q: I’ve lost or mislaid my Student Card in a lecture room, in the library or somewhere else on university premises. Should it be found and handed in, where can I fetch it?

A: Should someone find your UNIGRAZCard and hand it in, it is then sent to the janitor’s office in the main building.  You can fetch it there.

Q: My international student ID (ISIC) is no longer on the back of my new Student ID card/typo3/ . Where do I get it now?

A: You can get your International Student Identity Card (ISIC) at the Austrian Students’ Union Service Center.
Q: I have already studied at a different Austrian university and would now like to switch to the University of Graz. Do I get a new student ID number (Matrikelnummer)

A: No. You only get your student ID number once and retain it for the rest of your life.

Student ID numbers from a University of Applied Science or a University of Teacher Education are exceptions to the rule. These numbers are not taken over by universities. When registering at our University after completing a study programme at a University of Applied Science or a University of Teacher Education, you will receive a new student ID number.

Q: I need to apply for leave. Is this possible and if so, how should I proceed?
A: If you would like to take leave, please apply for it and submit the form to the Academic Affairs office. You can get more details about the application form here.
Q: I have some general questions about my programme. Whom can I contact?
A: Please contact 4students (4students(at)uni-graz.at; 0316/380-1066) for help with general questions about your programme.
Q: All important information about my programme is sent to my student’s e-mail address. Is it possible to forward my e-mails to one of my private addresses so that I don’t have to retrieve these mails separately?
A: Yes. You can forward your e-mails via your student business card/typo3/ on UNIGRAZonline. For more details, please click here.
Q: Can I alter personal details on UNIGRAZonline that are no longer applicable such as my address or phone number?

A: Yes. You can alter them yourself using UNIGRAZonline. To do so, please select the item “Current/Home address” on your student business card/typo3/ . As soon as you enter your new details, they will be automatically saved in our student master database.

However, you cannot alter your name (e.g. after marriage) or your nationality by yourself. Please read the following information carefully./typo3/
Q: How and where do I register for courses and exams?

A: You can retrieve our entire course programme on UNIGRAZonline. There are two specific periods in the academic year during which you can register for courses via UNIGRAZonline. Prior to each of these registry periods, you will find the exact deadlines on UNIGRAZonline after logging in (a pop-up window opens).

You can also get information about exam registration on UNIGRAZonline.

Q: Where do I apply for recognition of other study programmes or from studying abroad?

 A: In order to apply for recognition of passed exams, please enter your details via your student business card, menu item “Accreditation/ Recognition”, which will then be processed by the examination department of the relevant Dean’s office. Please read the information provided by the Dean’s office to find out how to proceed for recognition purposes.

Q: I’ve forgotten my UNIGRAZonline password. Where do I get a new password so that I can access UNIGRAZonline and Webmail again?

A: If you’ve forgotten your UNIGRAZonline password, you can generate your own PIN code. You can find all information about generating the new PIN here.

If you are not keeping your personal e-mail address up-to-date or if you have forgotten your replacement (social security) number (this number is necessary if you do not have an  Austrian Social Security Number) you can either come to our UNI-IT info point or to Academic Affairs office, or simply send an e-mail to studienabteilung(at)uni-graz.at stating the following details: your name, student ID number and your personal e-mail address and request for amending your personal e-mail address or sending your replacement (social security) number.

Q: I’m having problems with UNIGRAZonline. Whom do I contact?

 A: If you’re having problems with UNIGRAZonline, please contact our UNI-IT service desk (0316/380-2240; http://it.uni-graz.at).

Q: My exam is still orange. How do I make it green?

 A: To turn the exam to green on UNIGRAZonline, it has to be validated first.  This takes place at the department or the Dean's office.

Q: UNIGRAZonline has told me to change my password. Do I really have to?
A: Yes. For technical reasons, it is mandatory to change your password every six months (UNIGRAZonline sends you a reminder).
Q: What is a post-secondary educational institution?

A: Post-secondary educational institutions/typo3/ are educational institutions that offer study programmes lasting at least six semesters for which applicants either require a general university entrance qualification as specified by the relevant Federal Law, or, should it be an artistic programme, must produce proof of their artistic suitability. These must be issued by educational institutions in the sense of the above definition and recognised as such on the basis of the statutory provisions of the country in which they are located.  These include universities, universities of applied sciences, academies and colleges.

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