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Language Certificates

In order to be able to enroll to study programmes with German as medium of instruction, a German C1 language level certificate (according to CEFR) is required

In case you are not able to provide a C1 language certificate at the time of the application for admission, you have to provide a language certificate of at least A2 level in order to be allowed to hand in an application. 


For study programmes offered in English, a English language certificate has to be handed in. More information about which study programmes are offered in English and which language certificates are accepted can be found under "Language of Instruction English".


C1 for beginnen study programmes taught in German

The German language knowledge C1 can f.e. be provided with the application by handing in:

  1. an Austrian secondary school leaving certificate (Matura) or
  2. an equal secondary school leaving certificate from abroad with German as language of instruction on Matura Level (Austrian or German school abroad) or
  3. 8 consecutive years of at least 2 subjects taught in German in High School or
  4. 4 consecutive years of at least 2 subjects taught in German on the secundary level in High School with additional final exam (Matura) in at least one of the English taught subjects or
  5. completed study programme taught in German or
  6. Ergänzungsprüfung Deutsch (EPD) at Vorstudienlehrgang der Grazer Universitäten und Hochschulen (prerequisite for participating in the EPD is an admission at the University) or at another Austrian Vorstudienlehrgang or
  7. ÖSD C1 (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) or
  8. Goethe-Zertifikat C1 or
  9. DSH2 (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) or
  10. DSD2 (Deutsche Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz) or
  11. Telc C1 or
  12. Test DaF C1 (TDN 5)

The certificates (7.-12) must not be older than 2 years at the time of the application. All parts of the examination have to be passed on C1 level. Different certificates cannot be combined.

The above mentioned certificates have to be handed in with your application!

If you are admitted with a language certificate lower than C1, we are only allowed to accept the EPD certificate of the Preparatory Course (VGUH) for the enrollment to the intended study programme! It will no longer be possible to hand in another German certificate. 

Please know that if you do not participate in the offered preperatory course(s) at the VGUH, you might lose your residence permit (according to the Austrian regulation of foreign law).

More Information about the enrollment process with supplementary examinations (including the EPD) can be found here.

A2 German language certificate for applying

An admission without C1 German knowledge is possible if a German language certificate of at least level A2 (according to CEFR) is handed in with the application for a study programme.

We accept f.e. the following A2 to B2 (according to CEFR) certificates:

  1. ÖSD A2 or a higher level (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom) or
  2. Goethe Zertifikat A2 or a higher level or
  3. DSD1 or a higher level (Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz)
  4. ÖIF Test Neu A2 or a higher level (Österreichischer Integrations Fond) or
  5. Integrationsprüfung A2 or a higher level or
  6. DTÖ A2 or a higher level (Deutsch Test für Österreich) or
  7. Telc A2 or a higher level or
  8. Test DaF A2 or a higher level or
  9. Certificate about A2 level issued by an Austrian University Preparatory Programme (Vorstudienlehrgang)

The certificates/diplomas 1 - 8 must not be older than 2 years. Different certificates cannot be combined..

In case of admission with an A2 to B2 certificate, the enrolment to the applied for study programme is only possible after passing the EPD exam at the preparatory course (Vorstudienlehrgang).

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