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The diversity of University of Graz is characterized amongst others by the internationality of its students. More than 4,000 international students decided to accomplish their education and research at University of Graz.

Who will be regarded as an international student within the application process?

Applicants are considered international students if they obtained documents, which enabel them to study, abroad. This means international students are:

  • EU/EEA Nationalities
  • Third Country Nationalities
  • Austrian Nationals

with Foreign General University Entrance Qualification (Secondary School Leaving Certificate or University Degree)

Admission Process

The admission process for international students consists of the following steps

Step One: Application

Within the application step, applicants are responsible to provide the Academic Affairs Office with the required documents. Based on the application with the documents, it will be evaluated whether or not the general admission requirements are fulfilled.

The application with all required documents must be submitted or put in the mail box in front of the Academic Affairs office.

The address is: Academic Affairs, Universitätsplatz 3a, 8010 Graz

Please keep in mind that the processing of applications can take several weeks. In case of a positive evaluation, Step Two is required.


Step Two: Online Data Capture

Once once you know the admission is possible (after the successful application), the online data capture has to be filled out. The online data capture is necessary as that data will be used to generate the student's account. This means without the data capture, the enrollment will not be possible.


Step Three: Enrollment

The enrolment in the Academic Affairs Office is only possible once you finished the first two steps. At the enrolment, the Matrikelnummer and the payment information will be generated. Only once the payment arrives in the Academic Affairs Office on time (a few days after the payment is done), the enrolment is completed.

For study programs with restricted admission, the confirmation of the passed entrance procedure/entrance exam of the current semester has to be handed in at the time of the enrollment! This also applies for the bachelor Teacher Training Programme. Without this confirmation, the enrollment is not possible even if the first two steps have been successfully completed!

If you enroll as participant of the Vorstudienlehrgang (VGUH) as irregular student, you have to provide the data sheet (Stammdatenblatt) of the VGUH when you enroll. This means after you have been admitted (Step One), you need to register at the VGUH before you take Step Two and Step Three at the university.


Study opportunities

More than 100 study programmes are offered at six faculties.

For more information about the programmes or for counselling regarding the programmes, please contact the 4students.

Joint Degree Programmes

The University of Graz offers many Joint Degree Study Programmes. These are programmes offered in cooperation with other universities.

The Office of International Relations is responsible for the admission for Joint Degree programmes. The admission requirements can be different. Therefore, please check the admission requirements for Joint Degree programmes on the programmes' homepage.




The application and admission procedure is supported and processed by two staff members of the Academic Affairs at University of Graz.

Please contact the 4students or the Austrian National Union of Students Graz if you have questions regarding the content of study programs.



Information regarding the necessary documents for bachelor- and diploma programmes can be found here.

Information regarding the necessary documents for master's programmes can be found here.

Information regarding the necessary documents for doctorate's programmes can be found here.




Academic Affairs
Universitätsplatz 3a 8010 Graz - Austria
International Students Unit Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 1162 or 2192
Mobile:Availability by phone: Please understand that during opening hours, the availability by phone of our unit is limited. You are welcome to send inquiries per email to


Opening Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 am - 12 pm
Wednesday 2 pm - 4 pm
(Wednesdays is closed during semester breaks and days when courses and exams are not being held)

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