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Online Pre-Registration: Data Capture

Registration and admission:

Initial registering for a degree programme

You have never registered to study at the University of Graz before? Here, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to register for a degree programme for the first time.

  1. Choosing a degree programme (possibly admission procedure)
  2. Creating a pre-admission UNIGRAZonline basic account for initial data capture
  3. Applying for admission in person at the Academic Affairs office
  4. Paying the mandatory tuition or Austrian Students' Union fee
  5. Setting up a UNIGRAZonline student account
  6. Applying for the UNIGRAZcard

1. Choosing a degree programme

  • Decide on a degree programme from the range of studies offered at the University of Graz and check whether you meet all the requirements for admission.
  • Please note that it is only possible to enrol in a limited admission degree programme with restricted admission once you have successfully completed the admission procedure! This also applies to the Bachelor's Degree Teacher Training Programme!
  • The review of the application is an administrative procedure. This means that there are legal requirements that the applicants and the university must comply with. This includes first checking the formal requirements (e.g. required legalizations) and only then are the content-related requirements evaluated.

    We would therefore like to point out that an application should only be submitted if you meet the necessary formal requirements. Applications that do not meet these requirements lead to a longer process time and eventually have to be rejected.

2. Creating a pre-admission UNIGRAZonline basic account for initial data capture

In order to pre-register for a degree programme, two steps are necessary:

Step 1: Creating an initial basic UNIGRAZonline account

Step 2: Selecting a degree programme

In order to pre-register for a degree programme, you have to create an account for the University of Graz online system (UNIGRAZonline) and enter your personal data and your desired degree programme(s) at: online pre-registration.

If you want to apply for a Master's or Doctoral programme, the date selection will take place at a later date!

3. Application for Enrollment

After you have completed the online pre-registration and uploaded all the required documents, log in to UNIGRAZonline as applicants after receiving the e-mail (the processing time depends on the complexity of the application) and download the "Application for enrollment" in the "My applications" column "View the status of the application" (self-service view). Please check the data for correctness, sign the application (mobile signature or handwritten) and send it immediately by e-mail to studienabteilung(at)uni-graz.at.

Only after receiving the signed "Application for Enrollment" the final steps for the actual enrollment can be taken.
If the "Application for Enrollment" is received outside the admission deadline, enrollment for the semester in question is not possible under any circumstances!

4. Paying the mandatory tuition or Austrian Students' Union (ÖH) fee

After the signed "Application for Enrollment" has been received by Office of Academic Affairs, you will be sent the data for payment of the legally required tuition or ÖH fee as well as some information sheets by e-mail.

Every semester, the prescribed tuition or ÖH fee must be paid on time in order to continue your studies. You can find the prescribed fee for the semester in question in UNIGRAZonline under the application "Tuition Fees" - Total.

You can find all further information on the tuition and ÖH fee on our homepage.



5. Setting up a UNIGRAZonline student account

Once your payment has been registered in the tuition fee account (approx. 3 to 5 working days after payment), you are officially registered for the current semester! Only then can you go to the UNIGRAZonline webpage and log in at


(students: enter your PIN code here)

To activate your UNIGRAZonline account, enter the preliminary PIN code you received by e-mail as well as your registration number and date of birth. The system will then automatically assign you a user name.

Once you have set a secure password, your personal account in UNIGRAZonline is fully activated.

Please make sure to remember your account details (user name and password) as these are required for every login to UNIGRAZonline. The preliminary PIN code is only needed for the very first login.

6. Applying for the UNIGRAZcard

The UNIGRAZcard is the official student ID (photo ID accord. to § 60 (4) Universities Act 2002) of the University of Graz.

  • Once you have successfully activated your UNIGRAZonline account, you can check your personal data in your business card and apply for your UNIGRAZcard under the link "Application for UNIGRAZcard".
  • You must first upload a photo to your UNIGRAZonline account (passport photo format, high resolution). Please make sure that you are clearly recognisable in the photo, or the card cannot be issued.
  • There are 2 ways to get the UNIGRAZCard:
  1. You can select the function "Self-collection at the kiosk" when applying for the card. Then you will receive a QR code and can use it to issue your UNIGRAZcard on your own in the foyer of the University Library (UB). You are then not bound to the opening hours of the study department.
  2. You select "Apply for student card" - the card is ready for pick-up four to five working days after application. You can then pick up the UNIGRAZCard in person at the Student Affairs Office after making an appointment and presenting an official photo ID (passport, ID card or driver's license).

Please note: only the first issuance of the card is free of charge! In the event of loss, theft, damage or alteration of the data, you will be required to reimburse the manufacturing costs.

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