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Students who have been admitted to a programme at a different university and who wish to take exams for the same programme at the University of Graz (e.g. free elective courses) have to co-register.

Should you have never registered at University of Graz before, please enter your online pre-registration. As part of this, enter the code "98" (instead of a higher education entrance qualification) as your higher enducation entrance qualification and select  "attending individual courses" as type of studies (other studies).

In the field "Study as/for" please note "Co-enrollment". Now please upload the requested documents. A personal appearance in the department is NOT necessary! You can send us the record of studies of your home university by e-mail.

Students who have already registered at the University of Graz need not file their personal data via our application online pre-registration again. Please forward the record of studies ("Studienblatt")  from your original university for the relevant semester by email.


Co-registration is only valid for one semester. A continuation of co-registration in the following semester must be announced or extended during the admission period .

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