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UNIGRAZcard is the official student ID card (photographic identity document) of the University of Graz

  • To get the UNIGRAZcard for the FIRST time, please order it - after your tuition fee and Austrian Student's Union membership fee have been paid - with the link "Apply for student ID card" on your visit card in your UNIGRAZonline-Account. Please check your data beforhand.

  • You can choose the "Pick-up at the kiosk" function when applying for the card. Then you will receive a QR code and can use it to issue the UNIGRAZcard independently in the foyer of the University Library or you can pick up your UNIGRAZcard after 4-5 days during the opening hours with your valid official photo ID (e.g.passport, ID Card or driving license) in the office of academic affairs (Personal only). Don't forget to print/check the expiry date on the card.

  •  First you have to upload your photo to your UNIGRAZonline-Account (passport photo format, high resolution). Please make sure that you are well recognisable on the photo, so that the card can be issued.


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