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Tuition Fees and COVID

At the University, there is no neutral semester(s) due to Covid19.

The “neutral semester” was for example for the study grant. This means that for the tuition fee, the semester count stays the same. If the study duration plus tolerance semester(s) are passed for one or more study programs, the tuition fee together with the student union fee has to be paid.


If you have passed the minimum study duration plus tolerance semester(s), there are statutory regulated exemptions for remission or reimbursement of the tuition fee.


Information for the remission of the tuition fee can be found here. Information for the reimbursement of the tuition fee can be found here.


If you were granted an academic leave or will get an academic leave, the semester you have the academic leave is not included in the semester count. You only have to pay the student union fee for the semester you are on academic leave. If you have already paid the tuition fee, you can apply for a reimbursement.


Information about the academic leave can be found here.

Bereich für Studienbeitrags- angelegenheiten

Universitätsplatz 3a, 8010 Graz

Alle Mitarbeiter/innen befinden sich auf Grund des Lockdowns im Homeoffice. Daher ist die Studienabteilung derzeit nur per E-Mail erreichbar.

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