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Degree programme students

On the following pages, we would like to inform you in detail about the tuition fee for regular students:



Degree programme students are students that have been admitted to one or more degree programmes. These include diploma, bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes.

Admission to degree programmes: see Universities Act 2002 §63


Generally, every student at an Austrian university has to pay the tuition fee (with exception of students who are enrolled for a limited period of time or are generally exempt of the tuition fee).

The tuition fee is € 363,36 each semester for students from Austria or another EU- or EEA country. For international degree students, the tuition fee is € 726,72. During the grace period, the tuition fee is raised 10%. The tuition fee for international students, however, is not raised!

Additional to the tuition fee, every student needs to pay the student union fee (ÖH fee).

During the tuition fee free period, students from Austria, another EU- or EEA-country, convention refugees as well as third country citizens, which have an equal status as an EU- citizen, are exempt of the tuition fee! The student union fee has to be paid each semester, though, even during the tuition fee free period!

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