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Tuition fee - Reimbursement

The new program for remitting and refunding the tuition fee is available online since January 7th 2016. Since then, the request for remitting or refunding the tuition fee can be submitted online. The necessary documents can be uploaded electronically. The request can be submitted directly via your personal UNIGRAZonline business card (Online Application Academic Affairs) or via this homepage (see link in box).

For administrative reasons we would like to ask that requests are only submitted electronically.

If the request is approved, you will receive only the tuition fee back. The student union fee (ÖH fee) will not be paid back. The ÖH fee can only be paid back under certain circumstances, f.e. the amount has been paid twice.

The deadline for submitting the request for reimbursement of the tuition fee for the winter semester is February 28/29 st of the following year and for the summer semester September 30st of the same year. The application has to be submitted online.

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