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Non-degree programme students

Non degree seeking students are students who are registered

  • for a university programme* (Universitätslehrgang), or

  • for the university preparation programme *, or

  • at the pre-university course (Vorstudienlehrgang)*, or

  • for attending individual courses


Non degree seeking students, with no regard of the citizenship, have to pay a fee of € 386,06 (tuition fee of € 363,36 + ÖH fee of € 22,70) during the general admission period. This fee has to be paid every semester and it is not possible to get an exemption.

The fee will not be raised in the grace period.


*Non-degree programme students exclusively participating in a university programme, university preparation programme or the pre-university course (Vorstudienlehrgang) are exempt from tuition fees and only have to pay the course fee (into the account of the university programme) and the student union fee.

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