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Doctoral programmes

Deadlines for doctoral studies

First-time admission to a doctoral program at the University of Graz is possible between July 10  and November 30, 2023 for the winter semester 2023/24 and between January 8 and May 31, 2024 for the summer semester 2024.

Attention: For the re-registration of existing doctoral studies as well as the continuation of doctoral studies already admitted once, the deadline for the winter semester 2023/24 is October 31, 2023!


Admission after national academic degrees

A new curriculum for the following doctoral programmes came into force in winter semester 2023/24:

  • Religious Studies and Sociocultural Discourse
  • Doctoral programme in Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Evironmental, Regional and Educational Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Doctoral programme at the Faculty of Evironmental, Regional and Educational Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Doctoral programme Antiquity and Modernity in a European Context
  • Interfaculty Doctoral programme in Teaching Methodology

For these doctoral studies, a qualitative admission procedure takes place via a commission.
If you have any questions regarding these doctoral studies, please contact the Doctoral Academy or the respective dean's office.

If you would like to start or continue one of these doctoral studies with WS 2023/24, you must in any case submit an application for this purpose via the applicant management.


For the following doctoral programs, admission in the 2023/24 academic year will still be based on the previous admission criteria:

  • Doctoral programme Social and Economic Sciences
  • Doctoral programme Law
  • Doctoral programme in Catholic Theol. Faculty: "Pre-approval" form
  • Doctoral programme in Humanities at the Faculty of Environmental, Regional and Educational Sciences: "Pre-approval" form
  • Doctoral programme Philosophy
  • Doctoral programme Natural Sciences: "Registration for doctoral studies"


If you have questions about the admissions criteria for these doctoral programs, contact the Office of Admission affairs.
E-mail: zulassung.international@uni-graz.at
Web: https://studienabteilung.uni-graz.at/en/international-students/ 

If you have already registered the desired doctoral programme at another Austrian university, you must submit a certificate of departure (confirmation of deregistration) before admission.

Your previous study program completed in Austria do NOT entitle you to direct admission to doctorate’s programme

In this case, it must be checked whether the completed study programme is eligible for the intended doctorate’s proramme.

For this purpose, please submit an application for admission to the doctoral program. If you have never studied at the University of Graz before and would like to apply for a non-consecutive degree program, you can find the necessary steps to register for a degree program here.

You have already been enrolled at the University of Graz and would like to apply for a non-consecutive doctoral program:
If you do not have an active UNIGRAZonline account, the application can be submitted here. As soon as you have submitted all required documents, we will start processing your application.

You have an active UNIGRAZonline account and would like to open an additional non-consecutive doctoral program:
For this, the application is done directly via your UNIGRAZonline business card under the item "My applications".

In all cases: After reviewing your application, we will inform you about the further process by e-mail or phone.

If the formal requirements are met, your application will be sent to the responsible curriculum commission (CUKO) for reviewing the content requirements. Based on the documents submitted, the CUKO will make one of the following decisions:

A) Direct Admission

B) Admission with additional courses

C) no admission

In case A, after receiving the CUKO's evaluation, you will be informed by e-mail from the Academic Affairs Office that you can enroll.

In cases B and C, legal proceedings will be initiated. You will receive an information letter (called “Parteiengehör”) from our legal department. After receiving the Parteiengehör, you have the opportunity to submit a statement. If there is no response from you, a notification (called “Bescheid”) will be sent to you after the 14-day response-period has expired. The enrollment in the Academic Affairs Office in case B) is only possible with the notification!

In the case of administrative proceedings (cases B and C), the average processing time is approx. 10 weeks. Please take this time into account when planning your studies.

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