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Claiming for the acknowledgment of special rules

As already described in the Special Rules, statutory regulations have set up a number of remission requirements. In order to claim remission on the basis of these requirements, please proceed as follows:

  • fill in the relevant form in UNIGRAZonline
  • you can apply for remission prerequisistes on your student business card (Online Application Academic Affairs) in UNIGRAZonline or here.


If you do not receive a message from us within 2 weeks of submission, please contact the Academic Affairs office either by e-mail, fax or phone.


As soon as we have checked your documents, we will notify you of the outcome by e-mail. If your case is positive, you will receive an e-mail with all further information concerning the payment of the student’s union fee. Please use the paymentinformation you find in UNIGRAZonline (on your student business card you'll find the item "Tuition fee").

How to proceed in the event of a negative decision

If you have not submitted sufficient evidence or proof that you have fulfilled remission requirements, you may receive a negative decision. This decision will only be sent to you as a official decision on request. Official decisions also contain instructions about a person's right to appeal. These instructions inform you that you may appeal against the decision at the Office of the Director of Studies of the University of Graz. Should you receive a negative decision, you must pay the tuition fee, in order to guarantee your reregistration for the next semester, because your appeal will not suspend the effect of the decision. If the decision of the first instance is revoked, the tuition fee will be reimbursed. The exact course of the appeal procedure is shown here.

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