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Special rules

The following special rules and requirements for remission apply to all Austrians and EU citizens as well as to Third Country nationals that comply with the provisions applicable to those mentioned under the section "International Students" and "Students from Southeastern Europe" and have a status equivalent to that of Austrian citizens.


  • EU citizens must submit proof issued by authorities similar to the requested Austrian authorities.
  • Please note: Submitted documents that are not in German or English have to be translated by a sworn-in translator. In this case, you need to submit a copy of the original document as well as its translation.


Authenticity of the copies of the submitted documents will be checked randomly! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that according to § 92 item 6 of the Universities Act 2002, that students who obtained remission of the tuition fee by wilfully providing incomplete or incorrect information with respect to material facts shall pay double the normal tuition fee without prejudice to legal action.


Students do not have to pay tuition fees for the duration of their studies, providing their handicap is classified as being at least 50% according to the specifications of applicable Federal law. For administrative reasons it is only possible to hand in an applciation for reimbursement after the minimum study duration plus tolerance semesters.



  • Handicapped ID of Federal Department of Social Services (Bundessozialamt)





The constitutional tribunal revoked § 92 Abs. 1 Z 5 UG 2002 due to unconstitutionality. This decision comes effective with 30.06.2018. Therefore, an application of reimbursement of the tuition fee based on employment is no longer possible!



If you have to look after children up to the age of 7, or in the event of their later entrance into primary school, your tuition fee can be reimbursed for the duration of this period of childcare.


  • child's birth certificate
  • student's residence registration form
  • child's residence registration form (the child's address must be the same as the student's address)
  • student's affidavit stating that the child is mostly cared for by the student


Care Responsibilities

In case of having the main responsibility to care for example for a close relative, the tuition fee can be remitted for the time of the caretaking.


  • Sufficient evidence to proof the care responsibilities are for example the Handicapped ID of the person that is being taken care of, confirmation issued by a doctor,
  • residence registration form of the applicant and the person that is being taken care of,
  • as well as a statutory declaration that the applicant has to attend to a person in his/her care.


Mobility programmes

Students who are able to prove that they have either completed courses or internships in the frame of mobility programmes, are entitled to remission of tuition fees. If students have spent part of their previous semesters abroad in the frame of a mobility programme, the duration of their tuition fee-free period is extended by the number of semesters spent abroad in the frame of a mobility programme.

You have to apply for remission! UNIGRAZonline does not automatically check a remission!


Military service or alternative civilian service


The exemption for military service or alternative civilian service can no longer be applied for due to the new Tuition Fee Regulation that is in effect with summer semester 2020.


Pregnancy / illness

If students are not able to attend their study programme for at least 2 months within a semester for which they have paid tuition fees because of pregnancy or illness, the tuition fee will be remitted for the relevant semester. The leave period has to consist of two consecutive months.



Student grants

Students who have already received a grant for the previous semester according to Student Grants Act 1996, Federal Law Gazette no. 305/1992, or who are currently receiving such a grant, may apply for reimbursement of tuition fees.


  • Notification of Study Grant



Reimbursement for employed doctoral students

Starting from the summer semester 2023, doctoral students who are employed by the university and are completing their doctoral studies will have the opportunity to be exempted from paying tuition fees.

For this purpose, an application must be submitted semester by semester. Before submitting an application, it is necessary to obtain confirmation from the supervisor of the dissertation and the HR department. See pre-made form. Only after all signatures are on the form an application is possible.

Attention: A request for reimbursement from tuition fee is possible until September 30 at the latest for a summer semester and until February 28/29 at the latest for a winter semester. 

Applications can be submitted directly via the Uni Graz Online Point "Online Applications Academic Affairs".

An application prior to the summer semester 2023 is not possible.

Proof: printed form





Additional to the statutory regulations for an exemption, the University of Graz offers further reasons for getting a reimbursement of the tuition fee

  • Students who graduate from the study program before the end of the grace period or deregister from the program before the end of the grace period 1)
  • First semester students who deregister before the end of the grace period and did not participate in exams 1)
  • Students who have already paid the tuition fee and participate in a study program or internship abroad via a mobility program 2)
  • Students who have already paid the tuition fee and are on an academic leave 1)
  • Students who have paid the tuition fee twice at the University of Graz, students who paid the wrong amount etc.

1) No further study programs must be enrolled at the University of Graz or another Austrian University for which the minimum study duration is exceeded

2) Information about mobility programs is available at the Office of International Relations



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