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Reference Group

Students who have to pay the tuition fee and are employed and/or self-employed are allowed to apply:

  • citizens of an EU member state or an EEA member state, or
  • citizens of states whom Austria is obliged by international treaty to grant the same rights as Austrian citizens regarding access to a profession, or
  • those belonging to groups of persons in accordance with the regulation on eligible groups of persons, or
  • those from third countries who possess a residence permit other than for students as specified under § 64 of the Settlement and Residence Act (NAG).

 Irregular students and students who are co-registered are not allowed to apply for the scholarship.


Proof of Income

Applicants are required to submit proof of a taxable income above the so-called marginal earnings threshold up to the twofold sum of the marginal earnings threshold in the calendar year preceding the date of application

  • For the Summer Semester 2022: an income in 2021 between EUR 6.662,04 and EUR 13.324,08.

The student's taxable income of the calender year preceding the applciation for the scholarship will be considered.


Proof of Income 

Required proof of income:

  • income tax assessment of that calendar year preceding the beginning of the relevant semester, or
  • affirmation (affidavit) from the student’s tax accountant should he or she be self-employed, or
  • data transfer to the financial administration from FinanzOnline, or
  • yearly pay slip from FinanzOnline, or
  • notification concerning the rateable value of agricultural property if the student is a farmer.

Maximum period of entitlement

The maximum period of entitlement

  • for a diploma's programme is 4 semesters
  • for a bachelor’s programme lasting six or eight semesters is 4 semesters
  • for a master’s programme lasting four semesters is 2 semesters
  • for a doctoral programme lasting six semesters is 4 semesters


The applciation has to be handed in every Semester anew.

The applciation can be handed in:

  • Winter semester: 1st of October until 10th of December and
  • Summer Semester: 4th of March until 10th of May 

The study-related achievements of the previous semester are taken into account.

Each semester a student can only hand in one applciation for the scholarship for one study programme.

The transfer of the scholarship will happen during the current semester providing the student is registered correctly for the current semester by paying the tuition fee as well as the student's union fee (ÖH fee) and fulfills every other mentioned criteria.

Study achievment

  1. At the time of the applciation the student has to have passed two thirds of ECTS of the study programme. This means 120ECTS for bachelor's programmes, 160 ECTS for diploma's programmes, 80 ECTS for master's programmes. For doctorate programmes all lectures required by the curriculum have to be passed.
  2. At least 8 ECTS must have been achieved in the semester preceding the applciation for the scholarship. Only compulsory (elective) courses and acknowledgements will be taken into account. For joint study programmes, coursed from the partner university can be considered.
  3. For diploma's, master's or doctorate programmes the supervisor of the thesis has to confirm the good progress of writing the scientific paper


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