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Students from Southeastern Europe

Students from Southeastern Europe

Students from Southeastern European countries owning a "student" residence permit, which are liable to pay € 726,72 and do not have an equal status as EU citizens (see International Degree Studnets), have been granted reimbursement of the tuition fee as of summer semester 2015 by the Rectorate in the meeting of 05.02.2015, as follows (excerpt from University Gazette Mitteilungsblatt no. 19a, February 11th 2015):

 The Rectorate of the University of Graz has decided that degree programme students from


  • Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo,
  • Belarus, North Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine as of summer semester 2015.

will be reimbursed1 the tuition of € 726,72 for the previous semester, providing that the following requirements are met:


  1. Course certificate: proof of at least 8 semester hours in programme-relevant course examinations, or of 12 ECTS credits within one semester, or confirmation of good progress in writing a scientific paper (diploma or master's thesis): maximum of 2 semesters; doctoral thesis: maximum of 6 semesters if it is a 2-year doctoral programme and 8 semesters if it is a 3-year doctoral programme.
  2. Examination period: within the semester of the academic year, as specified by the Senate, e.g. for winter semester: October 1st to February 28th; for summer semester: March 1st to September 30th.
  3. Prescribed duration of studies + tolerance semester if a student does not exceed the duration of a programme for which he /she was first admitted: diploma programmes: prescribed duration of studies + one tolerance semester in the current cycle or total duration of studies + one tolerance semester per cycle; bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes: prescribed duration of studies  + 2 tolerance semesters
  4. For students participating in programmes at the University of Graz exclusively or for programmes within the co-registration of a joint Musicology programme at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, the joint NAWI Graz study programmes as well as combined study programmes with other educational institutions (e.g. Teacher training programmes).

Only students who have already paid the required tuition fee of € 726,72 and fulfill the requirements listed in items 1 to 4 are eligible for reimbursement.


Students can apply for reimbursement from May 15th until September 30th for the summer semester and from December 15th until February 28th/29th for the winter semester. Applications have to be submitted online (via the UGO student's account or anonymously via the homepage) to the Academic Affairs office at the University of Graz. Students are not legally entitled to reimbursement.

If it is not possible to get reimbursement of tuition fee on the basis of the Rectorate decision of 11.02.2015, there is the possibility to submit an application for remission or reimbursement based on the statutory requirements of equality.

Which requirements have to be fulfilled can be found at "International Degree Students".


1The Southeastern European priority region defined by the University of Graz and the possible subsidies for the relevant countries are not affected by this regulation. This reimbursement is to be understood as a separate subsidy for students from the countries named above.

2If a diploma programme is replaced by a bachelor's programme, the registered diploma programme semesters are taken into consideration when calculating the duration of the bachelor's programme.

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