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International Degree Students

Students from countries listed in appendix of Tuition Fee Regulation  - which are the poorest countries on Earth - only have to pay the student union fee (ÖH fee) of € 24,70 each semester.


Students from all other countries, so called Third Countries (exempt of the countries listed in appendix 3), generally have to pay each semester the tuition fee of € 726,72 plus the student union fee (ÖH fee) of € 24,70 . There are, however, reasons for exemptions. If these apply, students can be exempt from the tuition fee.


Students who have a residence permit other than the "Student Residence Permit" in Austria, for example, EU Permanent Residence Permit, Family Member Permit, Red-White-Red Card, and so on can be exempt from paying tuition fees because they are treated as Austrian/EU citizens for the period that this residence permit is valid. This means that only the ÖH fee (Austrian Student Union Fee) needs to be paid within the non-contributory period. If the non-contributory period is exceeded, these students will be charged the tuition fee of € 363.36 plus the ÖH fee.
To apply for this exemption, please submit a application via your Uni Graz Online Account- point online applications Academic Affairs.


Students possessing a "student" residence permit can only be exempt from the tuition fee if they

  • own a secondary school leaving certificate (A levels) from an Austrian school abroad,
  • or if their main living interest (valid proof of residence, income in Austria proven by a national insurance statement (Versicherungsdatenauszug)) has been in Austria for at least five years at the date of the first admission or if this applies to a person with the obligation of maintenance  (e.g. a parent or spouse).

If one of these points applies, an application of equality of the tuition fees has to be handed in within the application period. If the request is granted, only the ÖH fee has to be paid during the tuition fee free period (minimum study duration plus tolerance semester).


If no application can be submitted on time, the prescribed contribution must be paid by the end of the respective payment deadline. If the reason is subsequently correct, you could then apply for a refund of the tuition fee.

The equal status and the exemption is only possible if the above mentioned requirements are fulfilled, the application of equality of the tuition fee is handed in within the statutory regulated deadline and is granted. An exemption is not granted automatically.


In case the tuition fee free period is exceeded, students with an equal status have to pay the tuition fee of € 363,36 (within the general admission period) plus the ÖH fee.

However, if students fulfill the statutory regulated reason for an exemption, remission or reimbursement of the tuition fee is possible. Detailed information can be found under remission of the tuition fee and reimbursement of the tuition fee.

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